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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Aerobic bacteria in bovine livers infested with Fachiola giganticaOsman, Ali Babikir
2011An alternative linear function for standard form of cobb Douglas production funcctionAbd.Eledum, Hussin Yousif
May-2015Analyzing Past Tenses Errors Made by EFL Learners at Tertiary Level (A case study of semester8 Students, 2015 - Faculty of Arts - Shendi University - Sudan)Hassan Mergani, Mohamed Aidaroos
2004The Ancient History of the Sudan: Image and realityEisa, Khidir Adam
2014Assessment and Measure ofStress Level among Nurses in ElmekNemir University HospitalElnaiem, Mohamed SalihElebeed
2011Assessment of Biological Allergens in Air & Settled Dust in Shendi townDawoud, Abdelsalam Mohammed
Dec-2016Assessment of Cancer Patient Undergoing Chemotherapy Knowledge Regarding Home Self Care in Tumor Therapy and Cancer Research Center Shendi 2016أحمد, سلوى عوض حسن محمد
Aug-2018Assessment of Complete Blood Count Among Patients Receiving Chemotherapy at Tumor Therapy and Cancer Research Center in Shendi TownAwad, Amal Abdellah AbdEl-Rahaman
2014Assessment of Compliance Patients with End Stage Renal Failure Regarding Management RegimenMohammed, Musa Mahgoub
Dec-2016Assessment of Diabetic Patients Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Hypoglycemia in Elmek Nimer University Hospital, Diabetic Clinic 2016سليمان, خديجة ادم
2016Assessment Of Drinking Water Quality According To WQI Based On Turbidity In Rabak Town - White Nile State - Sudan 2010Belal, Abdallah A. Adam
5-Feb-2016Assessment of Drinking Water Treatment based on Free Residual Chlorine in Rabak Town – White Nile State – Sudan 2010Belal, Abdallah A. Adam
2010Assessment of knowledge and practice of diabetic patients regarding insulin use in Elmak Nimer university hospitalAbbas, Amna Ahmed Eltyeb
2016Assessment of Knowledge and Quality of Life Among Peptic Ulcer Patients in - El-Mak Nimer University Hospital 2016علي, سلمى عطا الله عبدالرحمن
Dec-2016Assessment of Knowledge of Patients under Hemodialysis Regarding Home Self Care in Noury center of Atbara Hospitalوداعة الله, ملاز خضر الطيب
2015Assessment of Measles Elimination Criteria in Shendi & Almatama Localities, River Nile State, Sudan 2015Ibrahim, Adam Dawria
2016Assessment of microbial quality of drinking water in Rabak Town – White Nile State – Sudan 2010Belal, Abdallah A. Adam
Dec-2016Assessment of Mothers Knowledge about Diarrhea Disease in Children under 5 Years in Elsyal Village 2016أحمد, صفاء سراج محمد
2014Assessment of Mothers Knowledge Regarding Relationship between Early Weaning and Malnutritionshems eldeen, Nagia mohmed
Dec-2018Assessment of municipal solid waste profile of Shendi City, River Nile State, SudanOmar Yousof, Mohamed Ali; Eltigani Osman, Musa Omer