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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-12Natrix tessellata snake as a definitive host for the cestode Spirometra sp.Yassir, Sulieman
2015-01The Nature of Elmatama Archaeological SitesIbrahim, Nada Babiker Mohammed; Ahmed, Mohamed El-Amin Osman Mohamed
2018Normal Reference Values of Some Hematological Parameters among Adult Sudanese People in Elmatama LocalityAli, Alrowda Huzyfa Abd Elweehab
2019NOSQL Data base Retrieval Using Hash algorithm for column storeAhmed, Noah Omer Mohamed
2024-01A Novel Model of Transaction's Consistency in NoSQL DatabasesHassan, Mohamed
2018Nurse's awareness regarding criteria of rapid response team for deteriorated patient - Omdurman military hospital – Sudan 2018Mohammed, Manahil Awad yaseen
2017Nurses competence regarding infection control program in surgical ward in Omdurman teaching hospital, Khartoum stateAhmed, Gawahir Mosa Mohamed
2017Nurses competence Regarding Pressure Ulcer Prevention For Critical Ill Patients – Military Hospital 2017Mohmed, Hiba Safeeldin
2017Nurses Competence Regarding Vascular Access Care in Dongola Renal Center -2017Mohammed Khair, Sittna Ibrahim
2017Nurses knowledge Regarding care of Patients on Mechanical Ventilator (Omdurman Locality August -September 2017)El-Sheikh, Wamda Mustafa
2017Nurses knowledge regarding care of Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome in El obied Teaching Hospital (El obied Locality July -September 2017)Mohamed, Fatima Almana Ahmed
2017Nurses knowledge Regarding Post Cardiac Arrest Care In Intensive Care Unit Of Omdurman Military Hospital On{March to September 2017}Mohammed, Mayada Abd Elmoniem
2018Nurses knowledgeregarding acute kidney injury in patient post cardiac surgery at Alshaab teaching hospitalHamad, Tayseer Altohamy Alhassan
2017Nurses' Knowledge Regarding Invasive hemodynamic monitoring In Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Sudan Heart Center, Khartoum, Sudan (2017)Alnair, OumbashairEsmail Abdalla
2018nurses’ awareness regarding post cardiac arrest care in Elshaab teaching hospital between October 2017 and April 2018Omer, Osman SabeaAbker
2018Nurses’ Knowledge and Awareness Regarding Early Management of Sever Burned Patients in AL Ribat University Hospital (2018)Bahkeit, Hiba Abd Al-Aziz
2018Nurses’ Knowledge regarding Emergency Care of Asthmatic Patient in Alshaab teaching hospitalAbdallah, Wafa Mohammed Ahmed Babker
2017Nurse’s Competence regarding Initial Management of Patient with Acute Coronary Syndrome in Omdurman Military hospital (CCU/ED)Mustafa, Nima Sifeldin Mohamed
2018Nurse’s performance regarding immediate management of patients with acute myocardial infarction in Khartoum state (2018)AL-Hassan, Samah Osman Mohammed