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Title: Assessment and Measure ofStress Level among Nurses in ElmekNemir University Hospital
Authors: Elnaiem, Mohamed SalihElebeed
Keywords: التمريض
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: جامعة شندي
Abstract: Abstract Introduction: Stress in the nursing workplace has significant consequences for both the person and the organization, such as psychological and physical health deterioration, financial and social impact, and impaired professional practice. Methods: This study was descriptive, cross-sectional hospital-based design, sought to assess and measure the perceived levels of job–related stress and stressors of nurses in the clinical environment and to explore the participants’ views on stress effects and sources of stressors. The data was obtained from nurses (N=121) working in the nursing field in ElmekNemir University Hospital, collectedthrough direct interview by using closed ended questionnaire and The Nursing Stress Scale, The computer software package used was SPSS Version 16.0 refer to (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences).The results were presented in form of tables and graphs.
Description: Assessment and Measure ofStress Level among Nurses in ElmekNemir University Hospital اعداد / محمد صالح العبيد الامين ؛ اشراف محمد جبر الدار ابوعنجة .- شندي : جامعة شندي 2014م ( رسالة ماجستير ) 84 ورقة
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