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Title: Aerobic bacteria in bovine livers infested with Fachiola gigantica
Authors: Osman, Ali Babikir
Keywords: Aerobic bacteria
Fachiola gigantica
Issue Date: Jan-2008
Abstract: Summary 133 samples from bovine livers infested with Fachiola gigantica were aseptically collected from an abattoir and investigated for the presence of aerobic bacteria. Different genera and species of bacteria were isolated with variable incidences. These were Proteus species, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas species, Citrobacter aerogenes , Morganella morgani, Paracolon species, Klebsiella species, Bacillus species, Streptococcus species, Corynebacterium species, Staphyllococcus aureus , other Staphyllococcus species, Micrococcus species and Aerococcus species. Some of these isolates were of potential human health hazard. It was concluded that such infested livers are unfit for human consumption and should not be passed during the postmortem examination.
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