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Title: Patterns of Eating Behavior among Adolescent At Locality of Sharg Alneel
Authors: Alfaki, Esraa Salah AldeenAlhuseen
Keywords: Patterns of Eating Behavior
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Amal BadawiBushra Moukhtar
Abstract: Abstract Background; adolescent’s eating habits and weight status is a cumulative effect of the health and nutritional problems occurring during early childhood as well as those originating in adolescence. Aims and objective; to assess the eating behaviors among adolescents. To find out common eating behaviors among adolescents. To determine factors that affect adolescent s eating behavior. Material and methods; the research design adopted for the study was descriptive cross-sectional research design. The study was conducted in Sharg Alneellocality. The sample comprised of 150 adolescents of 10-20 years who were selected using multistage simple random technique. Questionnaire on eating behaviors was used to collect the data. Descriptive statistics were adopted to analyze the data. Results; majority (76.4 %) of the adolescents are not following any diet. Also results represent that, adolescents tend to have snacks between meals (53.4%), and most of them have their snacks at afternoon (59%). Majority of adolescents (71.8%) eats breakfast daily and (28.2%) tend to skipped breakfast. there is no significant statistical correlation between eating habits and BMI among adolescents (p>0.05). Conclusion and recommendation; educational programs can be provided for adolescents to increase their awareness about healthy food and healthy eating habits.
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