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Title: Assessment Knowledge of Nurses about clinical alarms in critical setting in ELRebat University Hospital -August2017
Authors: Mahmoud, Hedaya Wally sayed
Keywords: Nurses
clinical alarms
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Higazi Mohammed Ahmad Abdallah Awad
Abstract: Acknowledgement There have been many people who have walked alongside me during the last two year they have guide me, placed opportunities in front of me and showed me the doors that might be useful to open .i would like to thank each and every one of them I would especially like to thank Prof Higazy , Dr Mohammed geber aldaar , without your encouragement the road would have seemed lonely place ,Avery big thank you must also go to the preens ,and staff who made me welcome in their centers . Finally and without hesitation I would like to thank my family to thesis dedicated for your belief in me and support and continuous encouragement throughout my years of my study and throughout the process of researching and writing this thesis. This accomplishment would not have bee n possible without them. Thank you.IV Abstract In these descriptive cross-sectional hospital-based study aim to assessment nursing knowledge about clinical alarm in critical area, Nurses are the key professionals responding to alarms and managing the alarm. With the development of medical technology, clinical alarm from diverse medical devices, are becoming a new issue in intensive care unit, medical devices (clinical alarm ),which were designed to draw medical staff attention , in our study Clinical alarms are the top hazard listed in the 2014 Emergency Care Research Institute’s (ECRI) “Top Ten Health Technology Hazards” . Fatal incidents related to clinical alarms are well documented [5, 6]. The data was collected by questionnaire composed of (31) questions, part one about demographic data, part two about nurses knowledge about clinical alarm. The data analyzed using computer software (statistical package for social sciences (SPSS),deferent statistical measures was used {frequency ,percentage% ,mean, chi-test},the result of my research analysis is, 70%no attend training course about clinical alarm,52%no records the alarm frecuoncy,44% strong agree the clinical alarm is noise,50%agree that clinical alarm can caused work disruption ,46%agree the purpose of clinical alarm is to alert staff,50%strong agree the inadequate staff can lead to un respond to alarm,50%strong agree the staff sensitive to alarm and responds quickly, 58 % of the sample of the study agree that (The alarms used on my floor/ area of the hospital are adequate to alert staff of potential or actual changes in a patient condition), 46 % agree that the (Frequent false reduced attention or response to alarm), 38% disagree that the (Difficulty in understanding the priority of an alarm can affect the patient safety) , 38 % of the sample of the study agree and strong disagree that the (Lack of training on alarm systems can cause false management) .V ملخص البحث تمت هذه الدراسة في مستشفى الرباط الجامعي ، تهدف إلى تقييم مدى معرفة واستجابة اصطاف التمريض حول التنبيه السريري في المناطق الحرجة . مع تطوير التكنولوجيا الطبية ، والتنبيه السريري من الأجهزة الطبية المتنوعة ، قد أصبحت قضية جديدة في وحدة العناية المركزة ،الاجهزة تالطبية (التنبيه السريري) والتي تم تصميمها لجذب انتباه الموظفيين الطبيين . الإنذارات السريرية ادرجت ضمن الأعلى خطورة في عام 2014م حسب دراسة اجراها معهد بحوث الرعاية الطارئة (ادرجت ضمن العشرة الأوائل من التكنولوجية الصحية) تم استخدام المعطييات الإحصائية التي تم تحليلها بواسطة الحاسوب (حزمة إحصائية للعلوم الاجتماعية) تم استخدام مقاييس إحصائية مؤثرة (تردد ، نسبة مئوية ، متوسط ، اختيار كاي) أوضحت نتيجة التحليلي البحثي أن50% يوافقون أن التنبيه السريري يسبب اضطراب في العمل ، و46% يوافقون أان الغرض من التنبيه السريري تنبيه الاصطاف ، و 50% يوافقون بشدة أن أن الاصطاف يستجيب بسرعة للانذار ، ، و58% توافق على أن (اجهزة الانذار الموجودة في المستشفى كافية لتنبه كافة الموظفيين) وانتفقت الدراسة أن 38% يوافقون وبشدة على أن عدم التدريب يؤدي إلى الالمعالجة الخاطئة .
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