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Title: The Frequency of Survivin expression among Sudanese Women with Ovarian Cancer
Authors: Elmahi, Hafssa Bashir Mirghani
Keywords: Survivin expression
Ovarian Cancer
Sudanese Women
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Asma El-ameer Mohammed Zeen
Abstract: Abstract This is a descriptive retrospective study conducted in El-Rahma medical center in Khartoum from march to august 2018, aimed to detect the frequency of survivin expression among Sudanese women with ovarian cancer. 36 paraffin blocks were selected, which are previously diagnosed as ovarian carcinoma, and the data were collected from records . the age of patient range between 32 and 65 years with mean age of 50 years, most of patients were 50 years and more representing 20 patients (55.6%) and the remaining 16 patients(44.4%) was less than 50 years. Histological types included :- stromal origin tumors (16.7%) germ cell tumors (2.8%), and epithelial cell origin (80.5%), it also divided to:- the differentiated ovarian neoplasm (72.2%), un differentiated ovarian neoplasms (27.8%) . All tumors were reviewed histopathologically and classified according to the WHO criteria. A tissue microarray block were made and a section of 3µm was cut by rotary microtome and stained by Immunohistochemical method (modified in direct technique), the data obtained was analysed using SPSS program version 22. In this study Survivin was highly expressed in the ovarian neoplasms, it was detected in (94.4% ) of cases. The expression rate was 93% in epithelial neoplasms, stromal(100%), and germ cell (100%), 92.3% in differentiated tumors , and 100% for un differentiated tumors. The results, when analyzed statistically did not show any statistical significance between survivin and the origin, grade and type of ovarian tumor. this study concluded that the cytoplasmic survivin expression is strongly associated to the ovarian tumor and recommend to be added to diagnostic marker panel of ovarian cancer
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