Browsing Researches and Scientific Papers البحوث والأوراق العلمية by Subject "Breast"

Browsing Researches and Scientific Papers البحوث والأوراق العلمية by Subject "Breast"

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  • Mohammed, Osman Ali; Ibrahim, Bakhit Yousif; Ihsan, Mohammed Osman; Elfatih, Mohammed Abdallah; Abdelwahab, Abdien Saeed (World Journal of Biology and Medical Sciences, 2019-06)
    Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed and the leading cause of cancer death in women globally. Over the past few decades its incidence has increased but a fall in mortality has been observed due to improvement in ...
  • Ashraf, Osman Ibrahim; Ali, Ahmed; Anik, Hanifatul Azizah; Saima, Anwar Lashar; Mohamed Alhaj, Alobeed; Shahreen, Kasim; Mohd, Arfian Ismail (International Journal of Integrated Engineering, 2018)
    Breast cancer is one the most curable cancer types if it can be diagnosed early. Research efforts have reported with increasing confirmation that the computation methods have greater accurate diagnosis ability. An enhancement ...
  • Alhaj Alobeed, Mohamed; Ahmed, Ali; Osman Ibrahim, Ashraf (JOURNAL OF SOFTWARE ENGINEERING & INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS, 2017-12-31)
    Breast cancer is the disease most common malignancy affects female population and the number of affected people is the second most common leading cause of cancer deaths among all cancer types in the developing countries. ...
  • Abdalla Ahmed Ali, Hassan; Alhag Alobed, Mohamed (International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), 2018-05-24)
    Breast cancer remains a subject of intense. The aim of this paper is to review existing approaches of processing mammograms at different stages to detect breast cancer at the earliest. Most of techniques are used in Mammogram ...

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